We have a blast yesterday on a free-divng at Palaka Dive Center.

Upon arrival we meet Damian the friendly French owner of the diving club and the instructor. He then let me sign a weaver like if you are pregnant or if you have any sickness etc, that’s for each safety purposes. We start at 10:30 am thru having a short lecture and some exercises. He let us hold our breath on the coach to see until how many seconds or minutes we could. First it was bit hard to get more long but after the short discussion you really feel relax and have great improvement.

Getting ready for a breathtaking part

We are now riding a boat going to the diving spot that is near Daku Island , with our instructor we are now ready to swim and have some fun 😀 . The activity is usually compose of synchronized swimming, underwater football rugby,  hockey, hunting other than spearfishing, target shooting and snorkeling. But we just have a very simple and basic training for we are just on the first part. It was really exciting and enjoyable to try new things in life.

see update for more things to do in siargao

 see update for more things to do in siargao

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