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Siargao Common Questions

As Siargao is slowly building its progressing island and more tourist are searching about it. I am happy to share to you a list about.. Siargao Common Questions. t WHERE IS SIARGAO ISLAND?      Siargao Island is located 800 kls southeast of Manila. Mainly the... read more

Magpupungko Rock Pools

Magpupungko Rock pools is one of the best tourist spot of Siargao Island. Things to know about           It is a natural fascinating sea water pool and best during low tide. The area is protected with the rock formations that makes big and breath-taking crystal clear... read more

Siargao Masaya – Free school

Siargao Masaya          Siargao Masaya – Free school is for pre – elementary students in the Island. Since 2010 the school is growing from number of tables , chairs , books and other school supplies. Some are heartedly donated from people with good hearts... read more

Siargao Organic Farm

Siargao Organic Farm (permaculture Farm) – is a bio-dynamic organic farm simulating or directly utilising the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. Siargao is proud to have their own farm to sustainability, independence, health and safety. It is... read more

Sohoton Cave

Trip to Sohoton Cave           One of our Family Trip was to go to Sohoton cave. As Sohoton is very well known because of its amazing lagoon covered with large mountains by mountains and different structures of caves.           We start our travel in the morning at... read more

Anahawan Island

  Trip to Anahawan Island Siargao We planned our trip to Anahawan 1 days ago for we are waiting for someone from Cebu to join us. On The day December 30, 2015 we decided to finally start our engine speed boat from General Luna.           It was a fine day going... read more

Siargao Forecast

Today at Siargao Island Philippines weather forecast. Wrote: Monday, November 2, 2015 (2:46pm) Precipitation : 90% Humidity : 87% Wind : 24 km/h Surfers are bit slow on hold because of not so good weather. In Cloud9, Quick Silver, Rock Island, Stympe, Daku, Giwan, and... read more

Beachfront for sale

Top SECRET OF SIARGAO Looking for land for sale with title? Beachfront for sale? Rentals? Supervising? and Someone you can trust in building your new home or resort in the Island? Meet ” Rasta “ Name : Ronald Sumalinog Age : 33 Years very young and... read more

Siargao Fishing

Fishing Corner One of the highlight activities of Siargao is fishing. Speaking of that, Sailfishbay Surf is on its 4 years existing of the biggest fishing game industry on the Philippines. Owned by the friendly guy in the Island Mark Latham. The lodge is located... read more


A quick visit to Siargaobleu It was a fine day to ride on a bike and explore some nice places  in the Island. On our way going to Cloud 9 Surfing spot, we always notice this new resort named Siargao bleu resort and spa. Me and my partner decided to inquire and see... read more


We have a blast yesterday on a free-divng at Palaka Dive Center. Upon arrival we meet Damian the friendly French owner of the diving club and the instructor. He then let me sign a weaver like if you are pregnant or if you have any sickness etc, that’s for each... read more

Luxury kalinaw best pizza

We usually visit the Kalinaw several times because of their amazing Italian pasta’s and wood fired best pizza that you ever taste. Each meal served was totally perfect!, plus they are the only one who offered very cold and fresh buko in the Island. We loved to... read more

Siargao kids yoga

It was bit windy and rainy yesterday when i go biking. I always borrow the Reef beach resort’s bike because i’m  living there. If you are looking for rent a bike you will find some in the side of the road going to cloud9. I always loved biking during my... read more

Kermit Siargao

Last night we go to Kermit Surf and camp Siargao, and its already our third time . When we arrived we found out that the restaurant is full, so we just wait a bit and take a look in there garden and some rooms. I took some photos from it. You can grab also their... read more

Visa in Siargao

All foreigners who wish to extend their Visa, The old Immigration office in Borromeo street, near the port is already close. It is transferred to the Mall of Surigao Del Norte specifically inside and on second floor near bench store. From the Macapagal Port of... read more

Sushi in Lux Siargao

———–2016 SUSHI RESTAURANT IS CLOSE—————– Last night we go to Lux Siargao for dinner, They are the only resort who have sushi in restaurant. The place is nice and cozy, they have big two German shepherd  dogs... read more

Siargao Island Blog

We arrived last March 20, 2015 through Cebu pacific Airways in Sayak Airport, It’s a small airport of Siargao Island. Upon arrival, We go directly in a Van to bring us to General Luna the Island main Surfing town, pay only 300/person. For almost 1 hour in the... read more

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