Last night we go to Kermit Surf and camp Siargao, and its already our third time . When we arrived we found out that the restaurant is full, so we just wait a bit and take a look in there garden and some rooms. I took some photos from it. You can grab also their surfing packages with good instructors. We really love the place for even its crowded it’s still calm, relaxing, open and jungle like. I bet it’s not only me who hate mosquito, but here is really great even in the night.

For only 10 minutes the manager said that we already have a table for us and then started to choose an order. They offer us a good menu with Italian, Filipino and even sea foods. My partner took pizza and me the grill one, with shakes. hhhmmmpp.. delicioso!!!  it’s really the best!!. plus the price is good.

see more updates for more things to do in siargao 

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