It was bit windy and rainy yesterday when i go biking. I always borrow the Reef beach resort’s bike because i’m  living there. If you are looking for rent a bike you will find some in the side of the road going to cloud9. I always loved biking during my wee hours, i go not so much far because its late already. On my way i found foreigners and locals on the offshore bar drinking and talking. Someone do skating, and some others biking.

I go to boardwalk to check the spot, the waves are big and bit messy  in cloud 9 surfing spot but there is this one guy still doing body-board and hes really good. I spent 20 mins watching him taking waves, then i decided to go take a walk back. One thing that amaze me is watching the kids doing their yoga class, and they are so cute!!! i really wish to spend time with them, but i’m still bit shy to talk to the hippie girl who is the trainer (one of cafe loka owner), and it really made my day. Aside from Siargao kids yoga class there is really lots of things to do in the island. Came and explore ..

see update for more things to do in siargao 

see update for more things to do in siargao

 see update for more things to do in siargao
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