A quick visit to Siargaobleu

It was a fine day to ride on a bike and explore some nice places  in the Island. On our way going to Cloud 9 Surfing spot, we always notice this new resort named Siargao bleu resort and spa. Me and my partner decided to inquire and see what’s this behind of the big attraction..

Amazing place!

Upon entrance we received a very pleasant smile welcome with the staffs and the manager. They are well trained wearing with a nice uniform. From the reception area we directly take a walk going to the restaurant. There we are amaze of the big so blue swimming pool with the flouting villas. It is the first ever resort in Siargao that has the most luxury accommodation total of 40. Sea foods is the first on the menu with good prices. Blue bar upstairs with gym and an area where visitors can play poker and billiards. It was really perfect beautiful facing the beach.

see update for more things to do in siargao

 see update for more things to do in siargao

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